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Past Events:

May 3rd- Driscoll Elementary, Centerville 4:30-7

May 5th- Private event

May 6th- Private event

May 6th- Private event 

May 7th- Mudlick Taphouse, Germantown 11-2

May 10th- Private event

May 13th- Fashion Friday 11am - 2pm, Arrow Wine, Washington Township

May 14th- Family Fun run North Park, 9am - 1pm, Springboro

May 15th- Third on Third, Downtown Dayton, 11am -4pm

May 17th- Private event

May 18th- 2 Private events

May 19th- 2 Private events

May 20th- Private event

May 20th- Fashion Show Frederick Pike Church

May 21st- Private event

May 26th- Private event

May 27th- 2 Private events 

May 28th- Yankee Park in Centerville 10:30am-1pm and Oak Grove Park in Centerville 1:30pm-3:30pm

June 1st- Private Party

June 2nd- The Market at Austin Landing 3-7pm

June 3rd- Jungle Red Salon, Austin Landing 5-7:30pm

June 4th- Lift Your Leg 5k, Centerville High School 7:30am-11:30am

June 6th- Private Party

June 7th- Private Party

June 8th- Private Party

June 9th- The Market at Austin Landing 3-7pm

June 10th- Private Party

June 11th- Private Party

June 12th- Private Party

June 13th- Stahl Vision 3-5pm; Beavercreek, OH

June 15th- Private Party

June 16th- Private Party

June 17th- Fashion Friday- 11-2 Arrow wine and Sams Club in Washington Township

June 20th- Private Party

June 22nd- Private Party

June 23rd- The Market at Austin Landing 3pm -7pm

June 25th - Food Trucks on Dorothy Lane, Kettering, 4pm -9pm

June 29th- Private Party

June 30th- Private Party

July 1 - Fashion Friday, Springboro Y/ GW Land Title, Open 11am - 2pm

July 2 - Market in the Park, Armco Park on St Rt 741, Lebanon, Open 10am - 4pm

July 3 - Big American Block PAWty, Oregon District / Downtown Dayton, Open 1pm - 4pm

July 7th- Private Event

July 8th- Fashion Friday, Newmark Circle in Miami Twp off of St. Rt. 741 just south of the Dayton Mall, Open 11am - 2pm

July 8th- Private Party

July 9th- Food Truck Rally 

July 11th- Private Party

July 12th- Main Street Salon in Centerville, 9162 Dayton-Lebanon Pk, Open 5pm-8pm

July 13th- Private Party

July 14th- Austin Market at Austin Landing, Open 3pm-7pm

July 15th- Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally, Downtown Dayton, Open 5pm-10pm

July 16th - Food Trucks on Dorothy Lane (near Woodman Dr), Open 4pm - 9pm

July 17th- Third on 3rd Market, Downtown Dayton, Open 11am - 4pm

July 19th- Private Party

July 21st- Austin Market at Austin Landing, Open 3pm -7pm

July 22nd- Fashion Friday, Outside Arrow Wine in Washington Twp, Open 11am - 2pm

July 23rd- Private Party

July 24th- Private Party

August 3rd- New London Hills Swim Club Ladies Day 1400 Hamilton-New London Rd. 11am-3pm 

August 4th- Private Party

August 5th- Fashion Friday- Ohio Sales Tax Holiday,  Arrow Wine, Washington Township, 11am-2pm

August 5th- First Friday Fountain Ave Block Party, 40 N Fountain Ave, Springfield, Open 5pm to 10pm

August 6th- Market in the Park, Armco Park, Lebanon, Ohio, 10am-4pm

August 11th- The Market at Austin Landing, 3pm-7pm

August 12th- Private Event

August 14th - The Wooden Shoe & BT Photography, 234 E. 4th  St., Minster, Ohio, 3pm-5pm

August 15th- Private Event

August 16th- Private Event

August 18th- The Market at Austin Landing;  3pm-7pm

August 19th- Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally 5pm-10 pm

August 20th - Food Trucks on Dorothy Lane 4pm - 9pm

August 21st- Third on 3rd Market, Downtown Dayton, 11am-4pm

August 23rd- Private Event

September 1 - Austin Market at Austin Landing, Miamisburg, Open 3pm - 7pm

September 3 - Market in the Park, Armco Park in Lebanon, Open 10a - 4pm

September 4 - Private Party

September 6- Private Party

September 8- Austin Market at Austin Landing, Miamisburg, Open 3pm-7pm

September 9- Fashion Friday, Arrow Wine Washington Township 11-2

September 12- Private Party

September 14- Private Party

September 15- Private Party

September 16 - Fashion Friday, Springboro Y, 11am - 2pm

September 17- Wright State Soccer Food Truck Rally, On Campus, Open 4pm - 8pm

September 18- Third on 3rd Market Downtown Dayton, 11am - 4pm

September 21- Private Party

September 22- Private Party

September 23- Fashion Friday, New Mark Drive, Miami Twp, Open 11am-2pm

September 25- Private Party

September 28 - Public Event in Troy: Info Coming Soon :)

September 29- Private Party

September 30- Private Party 

October 1 - Market in the Park, Armco Park, Lebanon, Open 10am - 4pm

October 2 - Pink Out the Market, Clayton, 11am - 5pm

October 3rd- Private Event

October 6th- Private Event

October 7th- Fashion Friday, Outside Arrow Wine, Washington Township, 11am-2pm 

October 7th- First Friday Block Party, Fountain Square in Springfield, 5pm-10pm 

October 8 & 9 - Ruffles and Rust Expo, Butler Co Fairgrounds in Hamilton 9am-5pm on Saturday and 9am-5pm on Sunday

October 11th - Harrod's Salon in Beavercreek, 10am-2pm

October 12th- Private Party

October 13th- Private Party

October 14th- Private Party

October 14th- Ladies' Night at Rebecca Winters Photography, 50 N Front St, Dayton, 6pm-9pm

October 16th - Third on Third, Downtown Dayton, 10am-4pm

October 20th- Private Party

October 21st- Fashion Friday Springboro YMCA 11am-2pm

October 21st- Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally 5pm-9pm

October 22nd- Private Party

October 25th- Private Party

October 28th- Fashion Friday - NEW LOCATION - Costco Parking Lot in Centerville/Bellbrook off of Wilmington Pike, Open 11am - 4pm

October 29th- Boutique-tober, Brandie's Hair & Tanning Salon, Enon, Open 10am-1pm

October 29th-Private Party

 November 4 - Fashion Friday, Outside Arrow Wine in Washington Twp, 11am-2pm

Noveber 10- Austin Park Apartments, next to Waldrue Park, across from MetLife 11-2

November 11 - Fashion Friday, Springboro Y, NEW TIME - 10:30am - 1:30pm

November 18 - Fashion Friday, Costco in Centerville/Bellbrook, NEW TIME - 10:30am - 1:30pm