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Meet Mark

After a few grueling weeks, we managed to get the truck wrapped on the outside and decked out on the inside.... and when I say "we", I literally mean every member of my immediate family, quite a few friends and my new BFF Mark Combs.

My brother-in-law, Phil, is a fabulously talented builder and he had graciously offered to be the "Roaming Boutique" interior design foreman. He had great ideas of how to transform the truck (which looked like a meat cooler at the time) into something spectacular - as I shared in the previous blog post.

But Phil was working for the Wright State University basketball team - and they decided to go to a tournament THE WEEK I NEEDED PHIL TO FINISH THE TRUCK! (You think I'm yelling in all caps? Yes, ma'am/sir, I am.) 

Then last week I providentially met Mark  - who had been recommended to me to help with some home flooring issues. While discussing the flooring problems, I went on to tell him how my brilliant bro-in-law wasn't able to help put the Boutique together - and pretty much asked/begged him if he could put whatever else he had planned on hold to help me out.

And help he did - finishing the tile ceiling, building out shelving, hanging trim and more!


I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for his willingness to step right in. His work is beautiful and so is his heart.

If you live in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and ever need a handyman/miracle worker, give Mark a call at 513-205-5196 and tell him Beth (and my family who would have had to witness me melt down) said, "THANK YOU!"


Wrap that Truck!

I'll be honest. The whole "starting a mobile boutique" is equal parts FREAKING EXCITING and FREAKING SCARY - Ha! And that pendulum couldn't be more back and forth than tackling the  task of wrapping the truck.

I knew I wanted it mint - and cute - and timeless, but putting all that into one design was incredibly overwhelming. 

Then, in comes Paradise Graphix, located in Germantown, Ohio.... They took our thoughts/dreams and put together the most perfect blueprint for our little shop on wheels and we can say now more than ever that we are so in love with this truck!

Next up is interior renovation - and we can't wait to share pics of that soon. Xoxo


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I Get By with a Little Help...

One of my favorite things about the {Local Love} experience has been seeing how many amazing talented people are in my life. Every decision and every step we have taken, we have had help from the experts. I could and probably will write posts about each of these friends and family who have helped out but today is all about the truck!

 There are so many aspects of this project that are critical to our success and the interior is one of them. We want our customers to feel like they are walking into an adorable boutique- not a 2003 Ford Utillimaster Step Van, that was formerly a bread delivery truck- enter my brother in law Phil.

 By day (and night and weekend) Phil works with the Wright State men's basketball team and his dream is to become a head basketball coach. And I know he will get there- until then, I will exploit every piece of knowledge he gained by working for a contractor for years.

 I showed Phil a few pictures of mobile boutiques- in my mind the task was a bit daunting, but he just drew up some plans and with the help of my selfless husband and brother in law- they all gave up a completely free Sunday to get this boutique one step closer to roaming status.

 So thankful this first of many steps is done!



March 04, 2014 by Beth Presher

Why {Local Love}?

Once my mind was set on the Roaming Boutique, I quickly started dreaming up what I wanted this niche-y business to look like. Having cute clothes and accessories was a given - and we are having so much fun searching for trendy, affordable pieces to add to our collections. Still, I wanted this to be more than just a unique fashion experience. I needed it to be more.

I was raised on the importance of giving back what God has given. Whether it be time, talents and/ or resources, I believe we are all called to use what He gives us for the greater good.

{Local Love...A Roaming Boutique} is committed to this conviction. We pledge 100% of the net profits of our {Local Love} tees to go directly to a new local non-profit every season.

Our first partner is Bogg Ministries, a mobile food bank serving the greater Miami Valley. We love the "mobile" part - and their commitment to sharing God's love by meeting our community's basic needs.

You can find out more about the amazing work they do at:

February 25, 2014 by Beth Presher