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While I absolutely love the "all things fashion" part of owning a roaming boutique, by far, my favorite piece of this business is being able to give back to people, causes, and communities dear to me.

And nothing is more dear to me than my family.

Since a college trip to Africa, my sister Joanna has felt called to adopt from that continent - and her husband Matt has had the same passion. too. They have been working and saving and praying for years that this would be how they begin to build their own family.

This past August, they were referred to a sweet little boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo and saving/working to afford the cost of the adoption went into full gear. While we knew this process could be lengthy and have many ups and downs, seeing his face for the first time knowing he had been prayed over years before he was even born, was incredible to say the least.

They recently held a garage sale to help raise money for their travel expenses and I was able to pull up the truck for a spur of the moment open house party. With some amazing friends giving us some shares and shout outs on Facebook and Instagram, and with some good old fashioned word of mouth, we were able to raise over $500 in 3 hours.

I say all this to thank you all who came out that day so so so much for supporting my sister, my brother-in-law and their precious son thousands of miles away. Adoption can be such a roller coaster and having friends and strangers come together to help was beyond touching.

We so heart adoption and cannot thank you enough for your role in helping to get my nephew home. 


June 17, 2014 by Beth Presher

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