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Meet Mark

After a few grueling weeks, we managed to get the truck wrapped on the outside and decked out on the inside.... and when I say "we", I literally mean every member of my immediate family, quite a few friends and my new BFF Mark Combs.

My brother-in-law, Phil, is a fabulously talented builder and he had graciously offered to be the "Roaming Boutique" interior design foreman. He had great ideas of how to transform the truck (which looked like a meat cooler at the time) into something spectacular - as I shared in the previous blog post.

But Phil was working for the Wright State University basketball team - and they decided to go to a tournament THE WEEK I NEEDED PHIL TO FINISH THE TRUCK! (You think I'm yelling in all caps? Yes, ma'am/sir, I am.) 

Then last week I providentially met Mark  - who had been recommended to me to help with some home flooring issues. While discussing the flooring problems, I went on to tell him how my brilliant bro-in-law wasn't able to help put the Boutique together - and pretty much asked/begged him if he could put whatever else he had planned on hold to help me out.

And help he did - finishing the tile ceiling, building out shelving, hanging trim and more!


I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for his willingness to step right in. His work is beautiful and so is his heart.

If you live in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and ever need a handyman/miracle worker, give Mark a call at 513-205-5196 and tell him Beth (and my family who would have had to witness me melt down) said, "THANK YOU!"


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