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Within hours of deciding to open the Roaming Boutique, Craigslist became my best friend. I scoured the ads for the perfect step van- it needed to have swing out doors, be an automatic and have plenty of space so we could fill it with the adorable inventory I was stalking on my other best friends- clothing wholesalers. 


The body didn't matter as much- I was looking forward to finding an ugly beast that we could turn into a mint and coral masterpiece. After a few false starts, I thought I had found "the one" but unfortunately when we went to test drive, this one was lacking a transmission and the ability to start- 2 essential things to get this boutique roaming. 


But then a miracle happened- a big beautiful (up until December 16th, I would never have called a step van beautiful- small business ownership changes you!) white step van that I had been stalking for months dropped the price. We called, drove by several times, test drove and made an offer that was accepted immediately. 


This is a huge step for us but after a trip to Home Depot, I realized there are many more steps ahead of us! Follow us as we blog and Instagram our way to the Roaming Boutique!

February 14, 2014 by Beth Presher


Miranda Weir

Miranda Weir said:

So excited for you in your new venture! Can’t wait to see you out in Kettering!

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