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A Roaming What?

In December of 2012, I thought I had landed my "forever job." The career I thought I had been looking for my entire adult life that let me interact with fascinating clients and gave me the flexibility to be the mom I wanted to be to my two sweet boys. So I whole heartedly dove into this new venture with the highest of hopes....leaving all I knew that was safe and secure....and 3 months later it was over. Just like that. Done.

I was devastated and confused asking God, "What now?"

Thankfully, the position I had left for the "forever job that lasted 3 months" was still available and my boss (who I loved) welcomed me back with open arms knowing that I still was soul searching for that place where my passion met my strengths.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2013, where a random and brief Facebook chat with a friend of a friend told me that I should look into opening a mobile boutique.

"A what?" I replied.... and then googled every search word I could think of showcasing this new little niche industry. With each page, I became more and more hooked.

A dream was born that day.


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